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Affiliate program - Platinum edition

Amazing Platinum Affiliate Program
From $250.00

Delete Logs

Your way to delete your logs based on period of time
From $0.00

Hyperpay Payment

This plugin allows to use the Hyperpay payment gateway
From $200.00

Order cancellation request

Order cancellation request
From $50.00

PayFort Merchant Page Payment

This plugin allows to use the PayFort Merchant Page payment gateway
From $200.00

PayFort Redirect Payment

This plugin allows to use the PayFort redirect payment gateway
From $150.00

Affiliate program - Standard edition

Amazing Standard Affiliate Program
From $170.00

Affiliate program - Ultimate edition

Amazing Ultimate Affiliate Program
From $300.00

Aramex Integration

Your way to integrate with Aramex
From $150.00

Related products generation

Using this plugin, you can generate the related products for each product automatically.
From $50.00

Vendors Commission Management

Commission management for Vendors
From $120.00

Vendors Commission Management PLUS

Commission management PLUS for Vendors with PayPal payment
From $200.00

DHL Express

Your way to integrate with DHL
From $150.00

Auto order cancellation

Auto cancel the order that are not yet paid and not processed
From $50.00

Discount coupon generator

Discount coupon generator plugin is to generate discount coupons based on your configuration of purchased products
From $70.00

PayFort SADAD Payment

This plugin allows to use the PayFort SADAD payment gateway
From $150.00

Purchase Order Management (For Attribute Combination)

Purchase order plugin is to handle Purchase order and order returns from external suppliers (vendors). Applicable only for products that has attribute combinations.
From $100.00

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer plugin to track the payments using the bank transfer.

SMSA express shipment and tracking plugin

Shipment and tracking plugin for SMSA express
From $150.00

Attribute Combination Products Management

Attribute combination products management plugin simplify viewing and search for the combinations
From $40.00


PayPal.Me plugin to handle the payments using the PayPal.Me payment method.
From $0.00

Multi Address Shipments

Handling the multi address shipments from different locations.
From $25.00